Work at Plant Humboldt!

Plant Humboldt is the coolest cannabis business you’ll ever work at. We are cool people who grow awesome plants in a nice outdoor environment. We’ll be hiring for the 2020 season and are taking applications now.

We have two levels of employees: managers and staff. Managers each have a specialty, but are also generalists who take on any necessary tasks, help manage other employees and coordinate the general functioning and appearance of the nursery. Managers may be making big decisions about nursery function one minute and then watering plants or sweeping the greenhouse the next. We’re all invested in making this place great.

Staff-level employees do all the repotting, watering, cleanup, loading of plants, customer assistance and possibly help with sales or horticulture as needed. While none of the work is overly complex, having a background in gardening and a familiarity with plants is a big plus. We encourage everyone to learn as many parts of the nursery operation as they are interested in.

The work is almost completely outdoors and requires fitness and mobility. Weather in Briceland in the early season can be cold and rainy (though most work is under cover of an open shelter), while mid-June through July can be extremely hot (over 90°F is common). We work rain or shine, heat or cold.

We are a seasonal business, open for sales between approximately March 15th and August 20th, with production nursery work starting as early as February 15th. We start with a small crew (1-2) and then seasonal layoffs begin by mid-July as we have fewer and fewer plants to take care of. Around August 20th, we usually have a final clearance sale and close for the season. The busiest work time is early March through mid-July and we prioritize hiring people who want to work full time and maybe even some overtime (at time-and-a-half rates) for this short season.

We are committed to harmony and inclusivity and do not tolerate bigotry in any form, whether directed at our own crew or at others. Behavior that makes others feel unsafe is not acceptable. Hopefully if you’re applying, you understand why this is important.

We pay well, strive for a fun and generally laid-back work environment and try to be flexible as possible around things like scheduling. In exchange, we want a rock-star crew, A-game work, dedication and a good dose of chill.

We don’t have a formal job application form, but you can send us an email inquiry and your resume. We’ll be taking resumes through March or maybe later. The cannabis permitting process in CA is currently chaotic, with many unknowns and constant changes, so it is very difficult to predict what the 2020 nursery market will be like and therefore hard to commit to hiring until we know more.

Positions available:
* General staff.
This is mostly watering, repotting, plant maintenance, shuffling plants around the nursery, site maintenance, loading plants onto trucks and about a dozen other things. Requires mobility and reasonable fitness (e.g. ability to lift light loads such as a 15-lb flat of plants and carry them across the nursery, ability to bend or kneel down to work on plants), someone who is happy to work as a team, good communication skills, love of plants and getting your hands dirty.

We have two category-specific open positions: delivery coordinator and horticulture coordinator. Both of these will be general staff positions to start but eventually can become manager-level positions as the business grows. Currently, neither of these categories are full-time in themselves, so when not doing category-specific work, you’ll be doing normal nursery work.

Delivery coordinator.
Delivery is a new service we’re offering. Delivery coordinator will have to manage incoming orders via the website, liaison directly with purchasers, coordinate delivery schedules, oversee delivery drivers, probably be a delivery driver, keep both the state’s track and trace inventory system and the nursery’s internal production inventory system up to date. As delivery coordinator, you will have to make sure that vehicles are in good working order or arrange for a mechanic if not, ensure that orders get loaded accurately and securely (and probably help do so) and ensure that all paperwork that accompanies the order is complete.

This position, like all manager positions, may also involve watering, repotting or other general nursery work during slow times in the delivery process. A background in any sort of delivery or inventory management is very helpful. The delivery service will evolve to meet constant changes in industry and regulations and may become a full-time position in itself, with multiple staff. Or it may be only a few hours every few days.

Horticultural coordinator
Your job is to keep the plants looking awesome.The position is perfect for someone who loves plants and especially loves cannabis plants and even more especially loves working with a crew to create a nursery full of happy, healthy plants. A background in horticulture is essential, either as formal employment or as a plant geek with a huge green thumb. You need to be able to evaluate plants and determine their needs. Why dots this one look funny. Does it need more or less water? A certain nutrient? Is there a pest or pathogen problem that needs to be solved? Is there a situation in the nursery that could lead to a future problem? How do you solve it? Prevention of pest, pathogen, nutrient or other problems is a priority, but if they arise, you will need to have a well-developed process for solving them in a timely and cost-effective manner. We will quiz you about your thought process during your interview, seriously.

You will need to be familiar with pest/pathogen identification, using testing labs, mixing organic/non-toxic nutrients or pesticides (preferably from scratch—we usually don’t waste money on snake oil in pretty bottles), operation of spray equipment (backpack sprayers, mostly, and we can train you), troubleshooting irrigation systems (ours isn’t complicated) and record keeping (production and track and trace), among other things. We can train you in the details of our operation, so long as your overall sense of plant health and nursery operations is sound.

You have to be comfortable and chill about delegating and overseeing work by other employees. Since you will have a detailed insight into every plant in the nursery, you will also likely be helping with both commercial and retail sales, coordinating overall nursery flow with other managers and, as you may have guessed, helping with every other aspect of the operation.

If you’re interested in either of these positions or a general nursery staff position, send us an inquiry and a resume if you’ve got it. We know that many people have grown cannabis for years and are very good at it, even though they don’t have formal training or formal weed-world job experience. That’s all good, but we’ll give priority to someone with a good reference from other nursery work or, in the case of delivery coordinator, work relative to that job.

Interested? Get in touch!