Who Can Shop?

Can I buy your plants? How many?

Short version:
Adults 21 and over: 6 plants per day, no medical card needed.
Medical users: 12 per day or whatever number is specified on your valid doctor’s recommendation.
Commercial growers: no limit, but you must have some verification.

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The Details, If You Really Want To Know:

General public 21 and over:
In California, Proposition 64 allows any adult to possess 6 plants or an ounce of dried marijuana for “adult use”, aka recreational use.

You don’t need to be a resident, though transporting plants across state lines is illegal.

While you can legally buy 6 plants and legally transport them home, your local city or county may have restrictions on where and how you grow those six plants! Check with your local authorities before planting.

Medical marijuana users:

If you have a valid California doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana use under Proposition 215, you will need to bring it with you to the nursery. We can sell you 12 plants per day or as many plants as your doctor has specified in writing on your valid recommendation.

Please get your doctor to write down how many plants you need, especially if it is more than 12. If you have a medical marijuana collective, the collective model currently in place is valid till next January, but please bring some sort of paperwork showing that you need the plants for your collective garden. We will not keep a copy of your recommendation on file, but you will need to bring it.

If you have a CA Dept. of Public Health medical marijuana card, you won’t be charged sales tax. All other individual medical sales under Prop. 215 pay sales tax. To get the tax exemption, we will need to keep a copy of your card on file for our own tax filing purposes.

Commercial Cultivators with license or temp. license (adult use or medical):

There is no limit on the number of plants we can sell you, but you must show paperwork to indicate you are licensed or somewhere in the process. We will write this down/copy it and keep it with our sales records.

Commercial growers with a valid CA Seller’s Permit are exempt from sales tax. You will need to show your Seller’s Permit and fill out a Resale Certificate. Your Seller’s Permit has to be in your name or your company’s name.

Commercial growers with a state temporary or annual cultivation permit will receive a 10% discount as our way to support our industry.

We understand that each city and county is progressing at its own rate and the whole regulation process is a moving target that is often nearly impossible for even the most honest farmers to hit. Meanwhile, plants need to go in the ground because the season doesn’t wait for bureaucracy to catch up.

While we want to work with everyone, we also need to stick within the rules as best as we can. Since there is no efficient way for us to track every city and county’s current licensing process, anyone buying commercial amounts (over 6 plants/visit, non-medical) without an actual permit must provide identification. That means, at minimum, a valid ID (drivers license, state-issued ID card, etc.) and Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN), permit application number, mailing address and phone number that will be recorded with the sale. We won’t knowingly sell to anyone growing illegally outside of the regulated system. If we are audited by state cannabis authorities, we will turn over our sales records.