Plants from Seed

Ready for 2019? We are! Here is our seed-grown strain availability list (will be updated very soon!) for 2019.

We start these ourselves from seeds that we individually hand-plant. We do the sex ID and remove the male plants before selling them, so each one is guaranteed to be female.

Commercial cultivators (i.e. those with a valid CA CDFA Cannabis Cultivation License), can put in preorders and receive a discount between December 1st, 2018 and February 1st, 2019. We cannot offer preorders for personal or personal-medical growers, but you can sign up here for our availability mailing list. 

2019 Strain Availability and Commercial Pre-Order List

We plant in succession, so some strains will become available (and sell out) sooner than others. We’ll be updating on our Instagram page @PlantHumboldt a little more often than we send out update emails. We’re also on Twitter @PlantHumboldt

Breeders we work with:
HSC=Humboldt Seed Co.
MG=Mother’s Genetics
Interested in providing seeds for us? Give us a shout

Note, we do not sell seeds, just seed-grown plants.

(We anticipate we’ll have our list available by December 3rd, so check back!)