2020 Cutting-Grown Starts

Our cutting-grown plants are in 4″ pots and acclimated to sun, so they’re garden ready.
See below for availability list.
Note: we don’t sell “clones”, (rooted cuttings), only well-developed plants rooted in soil.

All our cutting-grown plants are well-rooted, sun-acclimated and growing in 4″ pots. This takes the risk out of planting fragile little cuttings direct from the grow-room to the outdoors and gives your garden a two-week jump start on the season.

Are you a supplier who would like to work with us or a CA licensed commercial cultivator who would like us to provide a specific variety for you? Send us an email and let’s talk!

For updates on when your favorite varieties are ready, sales, cultivation tips and more, sign up to our email list.  We also post regular availability notices on our Instagram @PlantHumboldt, though our mailing list will get first priority, before the general public.

Container size: 4×4 pots. Note: these are not rooted cuttings, but well-developed plants.
Height: 10”-16” tall.
Nursery environment: mostly outdoors, natural sunlight. Plants are hardened-off.
Supplemental light at the nursery: about 2 hours very low wattage LED to maintain vegetative growth phase. Before June 1, you should plan on at least minimal supplemental light to prevent early flowering.
This list will be updated as we contract with other suppliers or existing supplies are reserved.

Note: because suppliers haven’t been consistent this year, we can no longer take any reservations or pre-orders on 4″x4″ cutting grown plants until we actually get the plants in hand. Once we get plants potted up and hardened off, we’ll post availability here along with occasional emails to our list.

The coronavirus has impacted everyone, including suppliers. Our seed grown plants that we grow here ourselves will still be available starting in May.