2020 Cutting-Grown Starts

Our cutting-grown plants are in 4″ pots and acclimated to sun, so they’re garden ready.
See below for availability list.
Note: we don’t sell “clones”, (rooted cuttings), only well-developed plants rooted in soil.

All our cutting-grown plants are well-rooted, sun-acclimated and growing in 4″ pots. This takes the risk out of planting fragile little cuttings direct from the grow-room to the outdoors and gives your garden a two-week jump start on the season.

Are you a supplier who would like to work with us or a CA licensed commercial cultivator who would like us to provide a specific variety for you? Send us an email and let’s talk!

For updates on when your favorite varieties are ready, sales, cultivation tips and more, sign up to our email list.  We also post regular availability notices on our Instagram @PlantHumboldt, though our mailing list will get first priority, before the general public.

Container size: 4×4 pots. Note: these are not rooted cuttings, but well-developed plants.
Height: 10”-16” tall.
Nursery environment: mostly outdoors, natural sunlight. Plants are hardened-off.
Supplemental light at the nursery: about 2 hours very low wattage LED to maintain vegetative growth phase. Before June 1, you should plan on at least minimal supplemental light to prevent early flowering.
List is current as of February 6th: This list will be updated as we contract with other suppliers or existing supplies are reserved.

“Estimated date available” is our best estimate, based on when we are scheduled to receive the rooted plugs, plus two weeks of grow-out and hardening off time. This may vary due to delivery delays or nature. If there will be a delay (or speed-up), we’ll keep in touch. 

These can be reserved by CA State cannabis licensees. Email us your license info for our commercial price sheet orders@planthumboldt.com
Unfortunately, under California law, a doctor’s recommendation for medical use is not considered a license. For retail sales for personal or medical use, visit the nursery in person or call to inquire about existing stock. We cannot take reservations for personal or medical use.

Cutting Grown Variety List 2020

VarietyQuantityEstimated Date AvailableSource
Papaya Punch30003/17Hendrx Farms
Blueberry Muffin #430003/23Hendrx Farms
Wedding Cake 10003/30Hendrx Farms
Ice Cream Cake 10003/30Hendrx Farms
Magic Melon13004/07Hendrx Farms
Candy Cane 10004/07Hendrx Farms
Blueberry Muffin #410004/14Hendrx Farms
Mother's Milk #3124004/14Hendrx Farms
Papaya Punch10004/27Hendrx Farms
Gelonade 20005/04Hendrx Farms
Gelonade20005/11Hendrx Farms
Blueberry Muffin #420005/11Hendrx Farms
Eagle Scout T111 8005/25Hendrx Farms
Mac Melon25005/25Hendrx Farms
Gelonade10006/01Hendrx Farms
Blueberry Muffin #410006/01Hendrx Farms
Candy Cane 15006/08Hendrx Farms
Wedding Tree #5325006/08Hendrx Farms
Mother's Milk #3115006/15Hendrx Farms
Gelonade15006/22Hendrx Farms
Blueberry Muffin #415006/22Hendrx Farms
Wedding Tree #5320007/01Hendrx Farms
Eagle Scout T11120007/08 Hendrx Farms
Gelonade20007/13Hendrx Farms
Blueberry Muffin #420007/12Hendrx Farms
Wedding Tree #53220007/20Hendrx Farms
100 Proof Mimosa20007/20Hendrx Farms
Wedding Cake50004/04Clean Green Nursery
Magic Melon50004/04Clean Green Nursery
Purple Punch50004/04Clean Green Nursery
Vanilla Frosting50004/04Clean Green Nursery
San Fernando Valley OG100004/20SurFarms