Cutting-Grown Plants (“clones”)

OG Clones
Original Humboldt OG midsize in 4″ pots.

All our cutting-grown plants come in “mid-sized” form: well-rooted, sun-acclimated and growing in 4″ pots. This takes the risk out of planting fragile little cuttings direct from the grow-room to the outdoors and gives your garden a two-week jump start on the season. Note: we don’t sell “clones” (rooted cuttings in grow cubes), only grown-out plants in soil.

Our cutting-grown plants are in 4″ pots and acclimated to sun, so they’re garden ready.

August 4th inventory list. If you want any of these and are driving very far, call before you leave and we’ll hold them till you arrive. The number after the name is how many we have available.

Afgoo 0
Berry White 5
Blackberry Kush 77
Black Jack 13
Black Lime Reserve 38
Cherry AK 0
Chernobyl 14
Forbidden Fruit 0
Gelato 0
Guava Kush 8
Honey Bear 9
Jack Herer 0
King’s Kush 31
Lemonade 5
Lemonberry 87
Lemon Larry 17
Mango Kush 9
Napali Pink 17
OG—a heritage Humboldt original cut. 163
Orange Cookies 1
Purple Pineberry 1
Redneck Kush 13
Ringo’s Gift-Katie’s Cut (high CBD) 275 on sale $20 each
Shiva Skunk 12
Super Lemon Haze 90
Suzy Q (high CBD) 32
Swiss Tsu (high CBD) 56
mislabeled (likely Super Lemon Haze) 17 on sale $20 each

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