New for 2019! Delivery, commercial preordering, CBD strains and more.

* Pre-order and bulk discounts Details
* Delivery to your farm

* Three high-CBD strains: Ringo’s Gift “Katie’s Cut”, Willie G’s Lebanese from Humboldt Seed Company, and New Hope CBD from Mendocino County.
Do you have a CBD strain you’d like us to source? Do you have one you’d like to sell us? Contact us!

* New exclusive Humboldt varieties
* We have applied to become a licensed retailer, so we will be able to sell directly to adults 21 and over or medical users over 18 with a valid Prop 215 doctor’s recommendation.

While we can’t offer pre-orders or online orders for non-licensed cultivators, you can come in to the nursery, enjoy the unique-in-the-world experience of walking among thousands of happy sun-grown plants and choosing the ones that you like. Plan on making a trip of it and enjoying Humboldt County’s natural beauty. We’ll have more info on maximizing your visit and cannabis tourism on our site soon. We know Southern Humboldt is a long way from anywhere, but it’s worth the drive for a nursery experience you can’t get anywhere else.

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