For CA Cannabis Licensees

If you are a CA licensed commercial cultivator, distributor or retailer, we have new services for the 2019 season. See below for the information we require in order to purchase plants from us.

July 4th weeklong sale! Licensed cultivator sale, now through July 7th!
All seed-grown, 2-gallon plants $40 each. Large order discounts available.
Email us for details or see our cultivar list for availability.

Note: personal medical growers are not considered retail customers. A doctor’s recommendation does not qualify as a commercial license under state law. A city or county permit also does not count under state law.

We now have a Transport-Only Distributor license for 2019 so that we can bring plants from our nursery directly to your farm. We are still working out our rates, but we aim to accommodate both large and small orders in a timely and cost-effective fashion. We anticipate being able to deliver statewide and within 1-2 days of ordering (for plants that are in stock at time of ordering).

You can also transport plants yourself or you can have a licensed Distributor of your choice transport them for you. Delivery is a service we’re offering, but you are welcome to use whatever transportation method works for you. No matter who transports plants to your farm, you can still come and pick out your plants yourself or have us do it for you.

Custom Growing 
This year we’re offering custom cultivation for licensed cultivators.(As of May 1st, we’re only offering the ability to make reservations on already-growing plants. We’ll be taking early cultivation orders for the 2020 season starting in January 2020.)

You can order your future plants from our seed variety list and specify the delivery date when your farm will be ready, generally anytime between May 1st and July 15th. We will have your guaranteed female, seed-grown plants ready then for you to pick up. Contact us for more info:

Here is our 2019 seed-grown variety list.

Cultivar/seed banking
Do you have a seed or cutting line you’d like us to custom grow for you? We can do it!

How to buy or order plants from us for commercial cannabis licensees:
To order or reserve plants:

1) Send us an email at with the following information:
     * A copy of your valid CA cannabis business license (state cultivation, distro or retailer).
     * The list of plants you’d like, the quantity and the date you’d like to pick them up.

2) We’ll then send you a contract and a blank Resale Certificate for you to fill out. If you don’t have a CDTFA Seller’s Permit, we’ll have to charge you sales tax. A Seller’s Permit is easy to get and a requirement of licensure.
     * We require a 20% deposit to custom-grow or reserve plants. We will only put you in the reservations queue once we’ve received your license, signed contract and deposit. Verbal phone confirmation will not put you in the official queue.

3) When you pick up the plants, we will need the additional information in list # 4) below.

To purchase plants on the spot:
1) Come on in! From May 1st through late July, we’re generally open from about 9am to 6pm or 7pm. Contact us at other times. If you have a big purchase, please arrive early and realize that we may have to spend time sexing some seed-grown varieties if they haven’t declared their sex yet. 

2) Browse our production area and pick out the plants you want. We’ll scan them and generate a manifest for you.

3) We take cash, checks, postal money orders and direct bank deposits. For large cash sales, we will arrange to meet you at our local bank so we can avoid keeping large amounts of cash on hand. We’re not able to take debit/credit cards yet. 

4) IMPORTANT! We’ll need the following information from all licensed purchasers in order to sell plants to you:
     (a) A copy of your valid state cultivation, distro or retail license.
     (b) Valid ID of the person purchasing the plants.

     (c) You’ll need to fill out a Resale Certificate (based on your Seller’s Permit number) or we have to charge 7.75% sales tax.
     (d) You will need to arrange for a licensed distributor to transport your plants. We have our own distributor transport-only license, but as of late June, we’re still working out rates. You can transport the plants yourself if you have a distro license or you can hire a licensed distributor. (Note, this is a redundant, expensive and needless impediment to the transport of live plants between nurseries and farms. Contact your state senator or assemblymember and request this rule be eliminated.)

     (e) If the total cost of your order is $10,000 or more and you’re paying cash, we are required by federal law to have you fill out an IRS 8300 form. This is not cannabis industry specific, but applies to all transactions nationwide. Please peruse the form so you understand the level of personal information the IRS requires and be sure your authorized representative is prepared to fill it out. We cannot break up your sale into numerous smaller transaction, so please don’t ask. The 8300 form is not necessary if you pay by check, only if you pay by cash. 

Contact us for more info.