For Licensed Commercial Cultivators

If you’re a licensed cultivator with CDFA (temp or annual), we have some special services for you. (These services ONLY apply to licensed cultivators.)

We’ve applied for a Transport-Only Distributor license for 2019 so that we can bring plants from our nursery directly to your farm. We are still working out our rates, but we aim to accommodate both large and small orders in a timely and cost-effective fashion. We anticipate being able to deliver statewide and within 1-2 days of ordering (for plants that are in stock at time of ordering).

You can also transport plants yourself or you can have a licensed Distributor of your choice transport them for you. Delivery is a service we’re offering, but you are welcome to use whatever transportation method works for you. No matter who transports plants to your farm, you can still come and pick them out yourself or have us do it.

Online Ordering
While we can’t offer online payment for orders, licensed cultivators can set up an account with us, order plants online and have them delivered (payment will be C.O.D. or bank transfer).

While most licensed cultivators like the experience of picking out their plants in person, we know you’re busy and may not have the time to do so. We’re happy to send photos of the plants you’re interested in (or do a live phone video walk through of the nursery) so you can verify the quality. We’ll then pick and deliver your order promptly.

Pre-order Discounts and Custom Growing
Would you like to order plants now for your projected planting date next season? You can!

Until February 1st, 2019, we’re offering a discount and taking pre-orders for the 2019 season. Plants ordered by February 1st will be ready between April 15th and July 15th, according to your specifications. We’re offering a 10% discount (subject to change for the first couple weeks of December as we work out the details) for orders placed during this period. We’ll require a nonrefundable 10% down payment.

How it works: First, set up an account with us. We’ll need you to email copies of your CDFA Cultivation License, your Seller’s Permit and a signed agreement to our Terms of Service (and some other info we’re still working out).

We’ll verify your info and contact you with a login to our commercial order page.

You can then order your future plants from our seed strain list and specify the delivery date when your farm will be ready, anytime between April 15th and July 15th. We will have your sexed-female, seed-grown plants ready by then! We will be putting more details up soon, but you can contact us now and talk one on one if you’re interested in this service:

(Note, we’re developing this service right now, in early December, but we wanted to give a heads up that it is available. Contact us for more details or check back here as we finalize this service.)