Current Strain Availability

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Currently available seed-grown strains August 2nd.

(For clones, see below.)
All seed-grown plants are in 2-gallon pots, $42 each
(sales and excise tax included in price)
$30 each to licensed cultivators who buy 100 or more.

Breeders we work with:
AA=Abacus Apothecary
HSC=Humboldt Seed Co.
MG=Mother’s Genetics

Cherry Lime (MG) 49 avail.
Chocolate Orange (MG) 38 avail.
Dream Queen (HSC) 23 avail.
OGK Special Reserve (HSC) 31 avail.
Orange Kush (MG) 38 avail.
Royal Kush (HSC) 4 avail.
Royal Highness (HSC) 32 avail.
SFV OG (MG) 313 avail.
Sour Orange (MG) 105 avail.
Train Wreck (HSC) 7 avail.

Most are very large, established plants 2′-4′ tall. We have been filling many large, licensed commercial cultivator orders, so whole strains can sell out in one day. Be sure to call first before driving a long way so that you can be sure we still have what you’re looking for! 707-923-5063 (be sure to leave a message).

See Plants From Seed page for full list and more info about seed-grown cannabis.

Currently Available Clones (teens in 4″ pots, 1-gallon pots and 2-gallon pots) August 2nd:

Most clone teens are in 4″ pots and acclimated to sun, so they’re garden ready. $23 each (includes sales and excise tax). Some have been up-potted to 1-gallon or 2-gallon size and are more expensive.

Currently available August 2nd:
Availability subject to change! Some of these varieties are well grown-out, while others are still growing and are small. We won’t sell any plants unless we’re sure they’re strong enough to go into your garden and thrive.

(Quantities available as of August 2nd in parentheses)

Afgoo (42)
Af-Pak Kush (54) 
Berry White 279
Birthday Cake (150)
Blackberry Kush (33)
Black Lime Reserve (126
Bodhisattva (6)
Chernobyl (19)
Dave OG (306)
Fire OG (153)
Forbidden Fruit (54)
Guava Kush (51)
Jack Herer (90)
Key Lime Pie (117)
King’s Kush (72)
Lemon Larry (198)
Orange Cookies (238)
Redneck Kush (80)
Ringo’s Gift high CBD (184)
Shiva Skunk (6)
SFV OG (158) (+1,300 coming up)
Sour Orange (36)
UK Cheese (261)

Because many people ask, we don’t sell “babies” (rooted cuttings) and we don’t ship. But unlike anywhere else, you can come here and pick out your own!

See our Plants From Clone page for more info on our clone teens.