Current Strain Availability

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Currently available seed-grown strains in 2-gallon pots, $50 each
(tax included in price):

AA=Abacus Apothecary
HSC=Humboldt Seed Co.
MG=Mother’s Genetics

Abacus (high-CBD)(AA)
AK 47 (HSC)
Boss OG (HSC)
Chocolate Orange (MG)
Don Carlos (HSC)
Humboldt Dream (HSC)
Humboldt Headband (HSC)
Lemon Kush (HSC)
Lemon OG (MG)
Mango Trees (HSC)
OGK Special Reserve (HSC)
Pineapple Muffin (HSC)
Purple Mountain Majesty (HSC)
Royal Kush (HSC)
Sour Orange (MG)
Train Wreck (HSC)

Note that many of these strains are still in 4″ pots or recently up-potted into 2-gallon bags, while others are large, established, 3′-4′ plants. All of our seed-grown plants are $50 each, irrespective of size. A few strains are almost sold out for the season, while others are well-stocked. We have been filling some large, licensed commercial cultivator orders, with more to come, so whole strains can sell out in one day. Be sure to call first before driving a long way so that you can be sure we still have what you’re looking for! 707-923-5063 (be sure to leave a message).

See Plants From Seed page for full list and more info about seed-grown cannabis. See About Our Plants page for info on discounts.

Current Available Clones (4″-pot teens) June 23rd:
(quantities approximate and subject to change)
Skittles 400
Fire OG 50 (300 more ready by June 30)
SFV OG 220
GS Cookies 1
Key Lime Pie 65
Honey Bear 20
Purple Pineberry 40
Sour Orange 20
Northern Lights 20
Berry White 30

Coming up:
Dave OG (a true, nosey OG) ready around June 30th.
Fire OG 300 ready around June 30th

Because many people ask, we don’t sell “babies” (rooted cuttings) and we don’t ship. But you can come here and pick out your own!

See our Plants From Clone page for more info on our clone teens.