About Our Plants

Seed-grown plants
We take care to separate male and female plants and we guarantee our seed grown plants are female at the time of sale. We have become experts at discerning the plants’ sex when they are still quite small. We take the guesswork out of growing cannabis from seed.

Cutting-grown plants (“clones”)
All our clones are in “teen” form: rooted into soil in 4″ pots and sun-acclimated. This means they are healthy, growing and ready to be planted outside. We don’t sell “babies”, i.e. rooted cuttings in grow-cubes.

By getting young plants rooted into dirt, growing and hardened off to natural sunlight, our plants give you a jump on the season and take the risk out of growing from clones. All clones in 4″ pots are $18 each to licensed cultivators.

Licensed cultivator bulk discounts
We are offering discounts for large orders. “Large” = 800 or more 4” teens.

Each bulk discount order will be negotiated individually and will depend on what we have available, demand for that product, quantity, etc. We want to help already over-drawn commercial cultivators and also help our nursery run more efficiently. We don’t guarantee that bulk order pricing will be available at any given time or with any given variety. Generally prices will be 5% to 15% off of the standard prices.

Humboldt Seed Co Logo

We are an official Humboldt Seed Company grower and offer all of their top quality strains. (But we don’t sell seeds.)

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