About Our Plants

Seed-grown plants: We have 30,000 seed plants started, but it’s first-come, first-served.

We take care to separate male and female plants and we guarantee our seed grown plants are female at the time of sale. For the record, we never grow “feminized” seeds! We have become experts at discerning the plants’ natural sex when they are still quite small. We take the guesswork out of growing cannabis from seed. All seed-grown plants sell for $50 each, all taxes included.

Cutting-grown plants (clones): May 15: approx. 600 Skittles are available. We also have approximately 200 Fire OG, 200 Sour Diesel and a few SFV and GS Cookies available.

We anticipate having a large number and variety of strains throughout the season. All of our clones are in “teenager” size: 4″ pots, rooted in dirt, sun-acclimated and ready to plant out in your garden. We don’t sell rooted cuttings in cubes. By getting young plants rooted into dirt, growing and hardened off to natural sunlight, our plants give you a jump on the season and take the risk out of growing from clones. All clones in 4″ pots are $20 each, including all taxes.

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We are an official Humboldt Seed Company grower and offer all of their top quality strains. (But we don’t sell seeds.)

Discounts: Because we appreciate the difficulty of the permit process for our local farmers, we are offering a 5% discount on seed-grown plants (not clones/teens) to commercial cultivators in the Emerald Triangle counties (Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity) with a copy of your official county or state temporary or final permit. With a valid Seller’s Permit from CDTFA, commercial growers are also exempt from sales tax. Medical patients with a valid CA Dept. of Public Health medical marijuana card do not have to pay sales tax. We don’t otherwise offer volume discounts.

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2018 Strain Availability Notifications List